What do we commit to do?

‘Learning together, making the difference’


What do we want to achieve?

Great academies at the heart of our communities


In what way will we do this?


Be fair, honest and inclusive, demonstrating integrity.


Care for children, adults and the learning environment.


Share expertise and best practice for the benefit of all learners.


Dare to do things differently and have a go.

Pupil Offer Staff Offer Family/Community offer Governance/Operations offer


What is important to us all?

Inspire pupils, build character, resilience, life skills and an understanding of the value of education. Recruit, develop, support and retain quality staff whilst giving due consideration to succession planning. Provide parents with a high quality local academy that is their first choice and make our communities proud of us. Deliver high quality, ambitious provision at every academy to enable pupils to thrive, achieve and succeed.


What will we all do?

  • Value and respond to pupil voice
  • Ensure all our academies deliver an ambitious, broad and balanced curriculum which inspires our pupils and meets their individual needs
  • Ensure Pupil Premium funding impacts on diminishing the difference for our disadvantaged pupils
  • Ensure SEND and Sports Premium funding impacts on raising attainment and provision of all our pupils
  • Ensure assessment information is used to enable all our pupils to thrive, achieve and succeed
  • Embed the Focus-Trust Pupil offer
  • Embed the Focus-Trust Healthy Schools ethos and prioritise our pupils’ social, emotional and mental health
  • Value and respond to staff voice
  • Ensure everyone demonstrates collective efficacy for all our academies
  • Ensure strong networks of academies that are centres of excellence
  • Offer high quality professional development for all our staff throughout their career
  • Ensure our middle leaders are accountable for attainment in their foundation subjects
  • Embed Focus-Trust Coaching Partners
  • Ensure Focus-Trust is an employer of choice and our staff are proud to work in the Trust
  • Establish the hub model and share effective practice across the Trust
  • Prioritise the social, emotional and mental health of our staff
  • Value and respond to family voice
  • Work with our families and communities to enhance life chances
  • Engage with relevant activities & stakeholders
  • Communicate with our parents to ensure they are aware of the Focus-Trust Commitment, Values, Academies and Pupil Offer
  • Enable all our children to make a positive contribution to their local community
  • Celebrate Trust and academy successes
  • Establish academies as community hubs which endeavour to make a difference to their communities
  • Value and respond to governor voice
  • Ensure all teaching inspires our pupils and is good or better
  • Ensure strong operational procedures impact on quality systems across the Trust
  • Ensure all Local Governing Boards and Trustees are well enough informed to drive and scrutinise performance and hold leaders to account
  • Ensure the Trustee Advocates positively impact on our academies
  • Operate best value principles and effectively use our resources for maximum impact on pupil outcomes

Our People

Who will help us achieve this?