Do you know about your career development opportunities?

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Ask your Line Manager which of these opportunities will support your career development in your   role


Coaching is about developing your skills and knowledge to improve your job performance. It targets high performance and improvement at work. It is usually for a short period and focuses on specific skills and goals.


A secondment is a way to experience a different job role and is often in another school. A secondment is a period of time when you work somewhere else temporarily; either to increase the number of staff there, to replace a member of staff, or to exchange experiences and skills.

Professional forums

The Trust has established a significant number of professional forums to help individuals exchange information and to drive school improvement. Most of the forums meet termly and the areas of focus are always driven by research and best practice.

Professional qualifications

Professional qualifications can involve an element of practical and academic study. The Trust is committed to encouraging learning across all career pathways. If you think that the next step in your career is about undertaking a qualification, then look on the Focus-Trust website for a range of qualifications which support staff in schools.


Placements are work experience assignments. A project may have been identified within a school or you may recognise there is an area of work which would help you develop your skills. Placements are often short term; they help you develop and extend your skills. Placements are a great way of filling some gaps in your career, i.e. you haven’t worked in Key Stage 1 and feel that you need to add that experience to your CV.

Job shadowing

Job shadowing is ‘on the job learning’ or career development. It involves working with another employee doing a different job or role; they will often have expertise they will share and can teach you new aspects relating to the job you might want to do.

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