Scheme of Delegation


The underlying principles for this Scheme of Delegation are:

  1. That all academies, ultimately, are in a partnership of equals irrespective of their length of membership 
  2. Focus-Trust is a registered charity and remains true to its aims and objectives.

 Focus-Trust is mindful that their function is to ensure that all statutory obligations are met 

  1. Focus-Trust believes that involving governors, staff, parents and children is the best means of ensuring engagement and involvement with the local community. 
  2. Focus-Trust Board’s intention is to reflect the various governance arrangements across the trust and apply a differentiated approach to individual academies within the scheme of delegation dependent on performance and capacity.
Area Ref Task Trust Board Delegated to LGB Principal Note
Accessibility 1.1 Devise accessibility plan   LGB P LGB to approve. Review every 3 years.
Admissions  2.1 Devise admission policy TB   P Principal to devise and Trust Board to approve
2.2 Application decisions   LGB    
Attendance 3.1 Maintain register of pupil attendance     P  
Behaviour and safety 4.1 Establish academy behaviour  policy including anti-bullying; keep under review; monitor its effectiveness   LGB P Principal to devise annual report to LGB for information and LGB to ensure pupils feel safe and secure
4.2 Implement behaviour policy including anti-bullying     P  
4.3 Devise Exclusions Policy TB      
4.4 Exclude pupil for one or more fixed terms (not more than 45 day in one year) or permanently exclude     P  
4.5 Hear exclusion appeals    LGB    
4.6 Direct reinstatement of pupil   LGB    
4.7 Ensure child protection policy and procedures in place and in line with statutory requirements     P Principal to devise and LGB to approve.
Capital 5.1 School Condition Allocation applications to be submitted by March each year      P  
  5.2 Applications to be approved and funding allocated by March each year TB      
Collective worship  6.1 Ensure requirements are met     P  
Complaints 7.1 Devise complaint procedure TB      
  7.2 Hear Stage 3 Complaints   LGB    
Core business 8.1 Ensure that a clear and evidenced teaching profile is in place and kept up to date     P  
8.2 Maintain an overview of the quality of teaching and challenge leaders to affect improvement.  TB LGB   LGB and TB to evaluate & challenge
8.3 Monitor all pupils’ progress, individuals and groups; including setting challenging individual & cohort targets     P  
8.4 Evaluate pupil progress: whole-school and groups vs targets TB LGB P LGB and TB to evaluate & challenge
Curriculum 9.1 Devise and implement curriculum policy     P Principal to devise and LGB to approve
9.2 Devise and implement RSE policy; after consultation with stakeholders   LGB P Principal to devise and LGB to approve
9.3 Monitor & evaluate curriculum policy and outcomes   LGB P LGB to evaluate & challenge
9.4 Devise and implement EYFS policy   LGB P Principal devise and LGB to approve
Data Protection 10.1 Devise Data Protection Policy TB      
10.2 Implement Data Protection Policy TB   P  
10.3 Ensure Privacy Notices in place and updated regularly TB      
Equality 11.1 Ensure equality statement in place and publish annually     P Review every 4 years
External Service Level Agreements/ Contracts 12.1 Depending on the context of each academy, different SLAs / Contracts may be in place.  It is the responsibility of the Business Manager, working with the CFO, to manage local SLAs and contracts.  From time to time, Focus-Trust may procure contracts on behalf of several/all academies as part of a best value procurement review.      P  
Finance 13.1 Approve formal budget plan for each financial year TB     Principal draft for approval
13.2 Monitor monthly expenditure TB   P Monthly accounts sent to LGB members for info.
13.3 Attend budget setting and budget review meeting (min twice annually)   LGB P Nominated LGB member
13.4 Investigate financial irregularities TB      
13.5 Enter into contracts TB      
13.6 Sign off contracts  TB     See Financial Handbook, Financial Permission Form and Mandate for limits of authority 
13.7 Make payments  TB   P See Financial Handbook, Financial Permission Form and Mandate for limits of authority
13.8 Sign off monthly payroll report     P  
13.9 Establish charging policy TB      
13.10 Establish scheme of delegation TB      
13.11 Appoint auditors TB      
13.12 Appoint Responsible Officer (RO) TB      
13.13 Sign off settlement agreements TB     Delegated to Chief Executive in line with agreed limits of authority 
13.4 Evaluate that the academy is making full use of all assets and efficient use of all resources to impact on pupil outcomes and ensure value for money.   LGB    
13.5 Evaluate that the Trust is making full use of all assets and efficient use of all resources to impact on pupil outcomes TB      
Freedom of Information 14.1 Devise Freedom of Information policy TB      
Health and Safety 15.1 Ensure that health and safety laws are adhered to and the appropriate health and safety certificates are in place.  TB      
15.2 Devise Health and Safety Policy TB      
15.3 Ensure annual Health and Safety audit is undertaken TB      
15.4 Ensure that the action points from any Health and Safety Reviews are addressed in a timely way.     P  
Improvement plan 16.1 Create improvement plan     P Share with LGB and submit to Trust for approval
16.2 Evaluate, provide feedback and challenge as critical partners TB LGB    
16.3 Approve plan TB      
16.4 Monitor and evaluate plan against agreed success criteria  TB LGB P  
Information for parents 17.1 Ensure that statutory information is published on the academy website     P  
17.2 Ensure provision of free school meals to those pupils meeting the criteria     P  
17.3 Home-school agreement in place     P Review annually
Insurance 18.4 Decide insurance provider  TB     RPA
Local GB 19.1 Appoint/remove Chair of governors TB      
19.2 Appoint majority of governors (these will be Focus-Trust govs) TB      
19.3 Remove governors TB LGB    
19.4 Appoint/dismiss clerk   LGB    
19.5 Establish register of governors’ business and personal interests   LGB   Complete annually and Trust to compile
19.6 Ensure conflicts of interest are declared and recorded each meeting   LGB    
19.7 Establish scheme of delegation TB      
19.8 Hold a meeting of the local governing body at least once per term   LGB    
19.9 Approve and set up governors’ expense scheme TB      
19.10 Keep contact details of LGB and terms of office up to date   LGB    
19.11 Set schedule of meetings for year in advance and provide Trust with details   LGB P  
19.12 Induct governors into Trust TB      
Premises management 20.1 Insure buildings  TB      
20.2 Ensure that premises improvement plan is in place   LGB P Principal to commission and provide to LGB for information 
20.3 Health & safety requirements met   LGB P Nominated governor to check 
20.4 Ensure that property management checks are in place     P  
20.5 Ensure that the action points from any Health and Safety Reviews are addressed in a timely way.    LGB P  
Policies 21.1 Ensure all academy specific policies are in place, communicated to staff and fully implemented     P See Trust policy list for policies
Safeguarding  22.1 Ensure that safeguarding requirements outlined in statutory guidance and Focus-Trust documents are implemented and evaluated.    LGB P  
22.2 Ensure single central record in place       Trust to monitor and nominated LGB governor to monitor.
School organisation 23.1 Set times of school day and term dates   LGB   With authorisation from Trust Board
23.2 Ensure the academy meets for 380 sessions in academic year     P  
SEN 24.1 Devise SEN policy in line with legislation and regulations   LGB P Principal to devise and LGB to approve
Staffing 25.1 Appoint Principal TB     With LGB involvement
  25.2 Appoint leadership staff TB   P With Trust and LGB representation
  25.3 Appoint teaching staff     P Principal leads (LGB members on panel if required)
  25.4 Appoint support staff     P Principal leads (LGB members on panel, if required)
  25.5 Devise appraisal policy (link with capability policy) and keep under review TB      
  25.6 Implement appraisal/capability of Principal TB     With LGB involvement
  25.7 Implement appraisal/capability of staff     P  
  25.8 Agree pay policy TB      
  25.9 Pay recommendations for staff     P Recommendation to LGB
  25.10 Authorise pay awards   LGB    
  25.11 Pay recommendation for Principal TB     Delegated to Chief Exec.
  25.12 Authorise pay award for Principal TB      
  25.13 Hear pay/appraisal appeals ref staff   LGB    
  25.14 Hear pay/appraisal appeal ref Principal TB      
  25.15 Establish HR policies & procedures TB      
  25.16 Dismiss Principal TB      
  25.17 Dismiss other staff TB LGB P Advice from Principal with Trust representation.
  25.18 Suspend Principal TB     Delegated to Chief Exec
  25.19 Suspend staff TB   P Chair of LGB to be informed
  25.20 End suspension of Principal TB     Chair of LGB to be informed.
  25.21 End suspension of staff TB   P Chair of LGB to be informed
  25.22 Determine staffing structure TB   P Principal to draft (including discussion with Chair) for Trust approval
  25.23 Ensure high quality professional development is in place for all staff and that a proactive stance is taken to developing future leaders and teachers.     P  
  25.24 Ensure that all recruitment follows safer recruitment policy and guidelines TB LGB P  
Stakeholder view 26.1 Ensure that appropriate account is taken of stakeholder view, including parents, pupils, staff, governors and use to set targets for improvement TB LGB P  

Note that the Chief Executive of the Trust can exercise their right to act on behalf of the Trust in taking on any of the duties delegated to the LGB or Principal should the need arise.