Pupil Offer

All Focus Trust pupils will be encouraged to…

Be Fair By:

  • Understanding and demonstrating Focus-Trust and British Values
  • Being respected and showing respect to others
  • Enjoying a great education in a great school
  • Engaging in decision making – being democratic and knowing that with rights come responsibilities
  • Developing positive relationships and choosing not to bully or discriminate
  • Being honest and showing integrity
  • Showing empathy and compassion
  • Being a good listener
  • Being inclusive


Care By:

  • Engaging in positive behaviour in and out of school
  • Supporting and respecting the community and the environment
  • Being heard
  • Being safe from neglect and violence
  • Being safe from bullying and discrimination
  • Having security, stability and being cared for
  • Being aware of risks and managing those risks
  • Being socially confident


Share by:

  • Being a team player, able to collaborate and cooperate
  • Being a clear communicator
  • Being numerate and literate
  • Being inspired
  • Being curious and inquisitive
  • Developing life skills
  • Being able to apply knowledge, reason and problem solve


Dare by:

  • Having a growth mind-set
  • Being able to question effectively
  • Being able to cope with challenge
  • Being inspirational
  • Being motivated and excited about learning
  • Being resilient
  • Being creative
  • Being an independent, reflective, life long learner
  • Developing enterprising behaviour and being money wise
  • Taking informed risks and learning from mistakes
  • Being ready to learn
  • Being ready for the next stage of education
  • Being aspirational
  • Being confident


Be Healthy by:

  • Being mentally healthy
  • Being emotionally healthy
  • Being physically fit and healthy
  • Having a positive self image
  • Having self belief
  • Making informed choices
  • Being happy