Our Approach

Our approach to all we do is governed by our commitment to make a positive difference to children.

We are a specialist primary-focused organisation as we want to make sure that each academy we work with is distinctive as a primary academy.

Each academy is an integral part of the Trust. This means that they are involved in decision making for the Trust as a whole.   When academies have joined Focus-Trust we aim to:

  • identify their needs and make sure these are addressed;
  • know how much impact their work is having on children’s academic progress and well-being;
  • be a self-sustaining, autonomous organisation;
  • take decisions about their preferred future; and
  • work with the Focus-Trust team to ensure highly effective governance.


There is an expectation that successful academies will work with others and share best practice. It is the responsibility of every school and academy to make a positive difference to others. This work will help to build the capacity of the Focus-Trust and provide both CPD and career opportunities for all staff. 

What makes the Focus-Trust distinctive?

  • A 22 year track record of our sponsor Focus Education supporting schools to be the best they can be.
  • A wealth of experience and practical resources matched to the needs of the primary phase.
  • A team of excellent people who work with schools across England.
  • A commitment to excellent primary practice.
  • Effective systems and procedures to ensure that the conversion to academy status is as smooth and hassle-free as possible.
  • A network of schools across England that work with Focus Education, so can pull on a wealth of best primary practice.


What are the benefits of being part of the Focus-Trust?

  • Supported through the conversion process.
  • Access to package of Focus Education consultancy support tailored to your needs.
  • You are the Trust! In other words, you take a role in the decision making and steering the future direction of the Focus-Trust.
  • Network and share with other schools wider than your immediate locality.
  • Access to reduced cost CPD.
  • Financial savings through economies of scale.
  • On-going challenge and support to ensure that leadership (including governance) enables the academy to be the best it can be.
  • Longer term career development opportunities for team members.
  • Gain academy freedoms and autonomy whilst being part of a wider family offering security and collaboration.
  • School-to-school support and CPD.
  • Access to a bespoke induction programme for Newly Qualified Teachers

We wanted to be an academy but knew we didn’t want to go-it-alone. We chose to be part of the Focus-Trust because we trust their school improvement expertise and have valued their partnership approach.(Primary Headteacher)

Every conversation is professional development, we are improving every day. (Primary Headteacher)