About Us

About the Focus-Trust

The Focus-Trust is a charitable multi-academy trust dedicated to working with primary schools. We are governed by a board of trustees.

The Focus-Trust is:

  • A legal entity which enters into a funding agreement with the Secretary of State
  • A company and charity
  • A not-for-profit organisation – any surpluses in our network are reinvested to create further benefits for our children

The Focus-Trust partnership works with both converter and sponsored academies. Our way of operating is to aim for as many decisions as possible to be taken by the Academy Principal, supported by the academy Local Governing Body. We demand high performance from our academies but we recognise and understand that each school will require different support and challenge linked to its context. We actively encourage a diversity of approach and will support and challenge each partner academy on their continuing journey.

The Trust Board is ultimately responsible for the work and results achieved by each academy. The Local Governing Body supports this through their ongoing support and challenge to ensure the academy is providing the very best for their children.

We provide support and challenge to our academies. The level of support will vary depending on need. The work of the Trust is driven by ensuring that learning, teaching, curriculum and assessment are the best they can be. We know it is the winning combination of these strands, underpinned by quality relationships which make a difference to the outcomes for children.

To view our corporate plan and data across the Trust please click here

About the Sponsor – Focus Education

For sponsored academies, the sponsor organisation is Focus Education. Focus Education has been providing school improvement services to primary schools for 22 years. Focus Education has three strands: consultancy support, training and publications. The core purpose of Focus Education is, ‘To support schools and academies to be the best that they can be and enable them to make a difference to the outcomes of their learners’. Feedback from school leaders provides consistent support for the quality that Focus provides.

For further information about Focus Education please visit http://www.focus-education.co.uk/

For a copy of the Articles of Association click here.