Wilsden Primary School in Bradford, West Yorkshire has become a Certified School Community 2019 after implementing and effectively delivering online safeguarding measures set out by National Online Safety, an independent online safety provider.

This recognition from National Online Safety follows the school’s commitment to going above and beyond their statutory requirements in terms of online safeguarding outlined in the Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE).

The academy has demonstrated this commitment through advanced training programmes which are not only focused at teachers but wider staff members, school governors and parents, as well as ensuring key personnel have received additional training.

Other initiatives set up by the school include the creation of e-safety newsletters which are shared with parents and staff, weekly ICT sessions held with the children on how to be responsible and work with the local police on best practice when it comes to safeguarding.

Head teacher John Davison said in response to the accreditation: “Online safety for our children is of the upmost importance, we now live in a digital age and with young children having access to mobile phones and tablets it is important that teachers and parents alike understand how best we can protect children.

“It is our aim to ensure 100% of our staff receive training on safe practice and what to do if something goes wrong, ensuring a child is supported.

“What is important is that we should be embracing this new technology and helping children use these platforms positively, helping aid their learning and development instead of fearing these platforms due to security risks. I hope this training will empower our staff to achieve this.”

National Online Safety are an organisation who began life in 2017 who encourage schools to adopt a whole-school community approach as they believe combining awareness with education, through a joint approach through schools and the wider community. It is the best school-led approach to online safety