We’re very proud to announce that Boothroyd Primary Academy, Dewsbury, WY, have been awarded the LGBT+ Education in School Gold Award. The work they have undertaken is excellent. Here is their full report and here are some key statements for your information. Congratulations, Boothroyd!

‘Boothroyd School has presented a very strong profile of evidence that demonstrates that they are excelling across all eight competencies of the School LGBT+ Award. The school has used the framework and content of the Award to very good effect to develop their diversity and Inclusion strategies, structures and practices from a strong starting point. 

LGBT+ inclusion is not an add-on at Boothroyd, the team have worked incredibly hard to ensure that there is a strategic approach to inclusion and this is evident in the palpably inclusive culture of the whole school. The team should be incredibly proud of their work in this area, they truly believe in LGBT+ inclusion and this is clear across the school.’