Claire’s story……

‘Last Christmas my youngest son, Alistair, lost his best friend.  Rowan was 19 years old and his sudden death was exceptionally tough for his family and his young friendship group.  Cruse Bereavement were fantastic in supporting the family and the young people during that really hard time’

Following the support her son’s group of friends received from Cruse, she decided to take on the challenge to walk the Trans Pennine Trail from Hull to Liverpool – 168 miles in 8 days.   With souring temperatures hitting the UK,  Claire and her husband, David, set off aiming for 20 to 28 miles each day to reach each daily destination.  Dodging bulls and battling blisters and sunburn the pair donned their hats, heads down and took it all in their stride arriving in Liverpool as planned to be greeted by their son Alistair and his friend Spike – both close friends of Rowan.

Well done to both Claire and David for this great achievement and raising money for a charity close to their hearts.